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I was afraid

I was scared, terrified, troubled and fearful of the next level. What had me petrified? Many Christians blame it on the devil. As I reflect on my life that was full of confusion and delusion, I realize my thinking was warped. Boldness started to redirect me as my family and I began a fearless challenge. A discovery was made on this journey which helped me to realize I had to replace my thinking with faith and not fear. Faith which is a fruit of the spirit is an attribute I decided to include in my life. In my reflection I realized I was being dominated by the works of the flesh. An action word stood out as I continued to travel down my road of discovery which encouraged me to multiply my new way of thinking. This increase of knowledge would help me replenish my momentum by subduing my fears. Once I decided to surrender to this new way of thinking I began to understand that I can dominate my circumstance by allowing the word of God to be the things I hope for with evidence that is not seen. As I continue to concentrate, be committed and consistent with this thinking I experience a next level, why because I was afraid, but now I walk by faith and not by sight.

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