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What does being afraid have to do with my pain?

What does fear have to do with my pain? It hurts to know the same old ache is screaming at me again it is so bad it makes me wonder why ever take a risk again? What about the throbbing that ends with me sobbing? Ouch the memories sting as I sit and wonder if victory is a real thing and agony of trying and grief that comes from effort that brings no relief. Research states five primary emotions with different uses

The five primary negative emotions and their uses

  • Anger - usually linked to poor communication

  • Sadness - feeling sorry for oneself

  • Fear - feeling of the unknown

  • Hurt - feeling sorry for oneself

  • Guilt - having made mistakes, not doing the right thing

All other negative emotions which we experience fall underneath these primary ones. For example frustration could be classed as a type of anger and anxiety could be fear - whatever feels right for you is perfect.

How can this help when the emotional storm is raging? Identifying the problem is great but experiencing the solution is the only thing that can relieve the pain. So, in this storm I cannot make it about me and my actions. Therefore, I will defuse the anger by communicating with God. I will stop allowing myself to have a pity party and release the hesitancy of not knowing to understanding the promises that are known. As the aches are understood I will not allow guilt to let me wilt because I will practice casting my cares on God. I will declare that God is my refuge and strength, because the cares of this world will try and sap me of strength. Psalms 46:1

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