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What do you choose?

There is good fear and bad fear and scriptures to prove it below are two scenarios where both aspects of fear is analyzed by writers, the question is when fear shows up at the door how do we classify it as a motivator to act or an opportunity to believe God? Or a combination of them both where we become motivated to believe God and walk in the direction where his spirit is leading us into all truth?

Fear is natural and good; so are eating and drinking. They are normal parts of our make- up. They are also essential to human life, as is fear. But none of those is always good.

Some people have a compulsion to eat, some have an addiction for drink, some are obsessed with sex and some are possessed with fears. To be gluttons, drunks or immoral people mean we are guilty, and we are just as guilty when we allow fears to dominate our lives. We can be hooked on fear. What then? Only fear can get us off the hook. It is the only known antidote to the cobra's bite of obsessive alarm.

Jesus said, "Do not be afraid; only believe" (Luke 8:50). Why does He say "only?" Because that is all we can do—we can only believe when that curse threatens us. It is also all we need to do. It might be a case of great fear, and little faith leaves us in fearful danger. Fear and worry are killers. and-bad

Marketers use fear as a motivator as often as they can. They present a scenario they hope will invoke our sense of fear. Then they show us a solution – a path back to our comfort zone – that entails using their product or service. Fear is used to sell virtually everything: cars, tires, and life insurance are classics. But, clever marketers also use it to sell breakfast cereal and deodorant. As a result we purchase all sorts of things that generations ago were considered unnecessary: antibacterial soap, alarm systems, vitamins... the list goes on and on. motivator

I choose to combine both frame of thoughts and allow fear to motivate me to only believe that as I replace fear with faith all things become possible for me to accomplish. I don’t sit in a chair and say I believe but I get busy like Abraham and look and walk in the direction where the spirit can lead me into all truth.

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