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Grow and let negative fear go

Trouble in our way we have to cry sometimes we lay away at night but we know that Jesus will fix it. The trouble that is in our way do we allow our human instinct of survival to dictate how we go about getting our basic needs met. Yet, there is a scripture that express for us to acknowledge the Lord in all our ways. Or are we going about solutions with our mind made up regardless to what the Lord say? Today we should declare that we will cast our concerns on the one that really care. No more being afraid of the what if and time to allow the glory of the Lord to shine. Our mind need to be free to release the possibility of the fact that God will help us with every mental attack. It's our vision now it's time to make a decision, no more procrastination faith is now, so let's not continue in

the mode of hesitation. Ready set go now it's time to grow and let our dream flow as we let the fear of the I don't know go.

" All things are possible to them that believes," Mark 9:23

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