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Faith to obtain

Reading a blog I stumbled on an article explaining how you can train your brain to get what you really want. I was intrigued because faith is a process that trains the brain to go after what it does not see to make it a reality. In the article the writer stated

"Our brains are constantly filtering an unfathomable amount of sensory inputs: sounds, smells, visuals, and more. Most of this information goes consciously unrecognized."

What does this statement have to do with training the brain well if we slow down we can obtain our heart desire by developing a laser beam focus but this focus must be on what we want. This is the step that must replace fear of the unknown instead of the what if, we replace it with determining what we want and focus on what we need to do to obtain it. In this process many feel like faith is not necessary just a get out and make it happen attitude. This get out and make it happen attitude is the hope which is derived from faith to accomplish goals. The article placed emphasis on mentioning the importance of identifying what we want.

*What are you seeing everywhere? This is perhaps the clearest reflection of your conscious identity.

*However, once you know what you want--and it intensely arouses your attention -- you will notice simpler and easier solutions to your questions

*When your mind takes hold of an idea, you do everything in your power to manifest it

Just because other people have limiting beliefs does not mean you need to. Again, the advice you take and the people you emulate matters

It's amazing how biblical principles is found in these statements because if we want to reach the objective that emphasis is placed on, then we have to act off of what we want.

"Then He touched their eyes, saying, “According to your faith, be it unto you.” Matthew 9:29

Maybe this is why a lot of people was not heal in the bible because they did not know exactly what they wanted. They know they want to be healed but they are confused on the methods in which Jesus wanted to heal them. It appeared that they were afraid not to stop trusting a system that informed them on how they healing could take place. Therefore, the lack of their faith left them with the lack of a healing. Can this be identified in being afraid by being to scared to walk away from the familiar. The fear to make a decision has paused a lot of people because the absence of a cause. Reality is in what is manifested daily and choices is what causes realization to be manifested daily.

*When you know what you want, you notice opportunities most people aren't aware of. You also have the rare courage to seize those opportunities without procrastination. What you focus on expands.

*Courage doesn't just involve saying "Yes" -- it also involves saying "No." But how could you possibly say "No" to certain opportunities if you don't know what you want? You can't. Like most people, you'll be seduced by the best thing that comes around. really-want.html

When God created man he created man in his image with the ability to multiply and based on the above article it mentions that what we focus on expands in our life. Therefore, fear of progression have to leave and will leave once the mind is trained to focus on what it wants. This mindset is similar to everyone that was healed in the bible, and today it is possible to experience the reality of "According to your faith be it unto you."

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