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Faith for a faithful outcome

Daily we fight fear memories, past mistakes, bad habits, addictions, etc. All of this comes from a lifestyle that we have chosen to experience for whatever reason. Many call it life and sum the life up with the “It is what it is” mentality. What if one day we woke up and found out that we were living a lie and can experience a different lifestyle. Well depending on the source and the reality of what that source is making a reference to will determine our belief in the statement that we have been living a lie. Experience does not lie and determine our reality should be the answer to someone with a statement towards us living a falsehood. However, if the creator (God) sends words that the lifestyle we have been living that is giving us all this stress and constantly putting us in a mess which is showing us that we are living a lie. The question is would we believe it? The examples of the lifestyle that is full of mess can never get us to a point of having everlasting peace. A lot of choices we make grants temporary peace but when the peace is challenged then fear of loss rises up and cause us to make irrational decisions. However what if we made a decision today to stick to the original purpose of our existence? Now the question should be what is the original purpose?

A creator is defined as an inventor, originator, designer and even architect. As we create various ideas and inventions we are very optimistic about our final outcome with our discoveries, we display our creative ability through what we manifest in our lives. We can even argue this fact with those that don’t believe we were created. What did God say? In Genesis the first book of the bible God said is recorded eight times and after these eight times a manifestation takes place which is evident through creation. During these eight times a pattern is noticed where he creates something out of nothing. The pattern consists of him calling the nothing something and then the nothing comes into existence of what it was called. The name that it is called occupies the empty space that once could not be identified or recognized. Question is do we follow this pattern daily or do we become afraid of the nothing that we are looking at? If we obey the negative whispers are nothing will remain that, if we allow ourselves to trust what God said which call our situation deliverance than this will manifest in our lives. The key is obeying the words enough that we accept the new identity. This new identity will cause us to walk or act based off this newness. The experience does not become a reality if action is not a part of the actuality. Arguments are always based off of lack of evidence, but the evidence exist once we reach the destination and with this new experience there is no argument. We don’t argue because we have what we move towards, a faithful or fearful occurrence.

The negative whispers is based on a desire that lead us down a path of curiosity which opens us up to an awareness after this awareness have been satisfied it develops over a course of time a habit develops. Once the habit is developed eventually this habit can serve as a distraction to goals that we try and reach, and this is the problem.

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