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Reasons or results

Whether we choose to be afraid or use fear when it comes to making a decision it will lead us in two categories where we offer up a reason for our fear or we come up with results from our faith. Remember the scripture "Be it unto you according to your faith." Matthew 9:29

Dr. Fredricson states something very profound in her book entitled "Positivity."

" Everybody's different when it comes to the exact events and circumstances that trigger their emotions. This means that your own path to flourishing will be unique."

When it comes time to make a decision do we come of with reasons why we will not which is an excuse? Or do we come up with results because we have decided to do what we have to do to get the job done. The way to get desired results and not come up with an excuse when it comes to making a decision. Dr. Fredrickson states that we need to savor goodness in life and once we do it will lead to a positive tool kit that includes the following:

* Be open (Temporarily rid your mind of expectations and judgments)

*Create High Quality Connections (Truly connecting with others can be a breath of fresh air)

*Cultivate Kindness (Give yourself the goal of performing of five new acts of kindness on a single day)

*Develop Distractions (Develop healthy distractions)

* Dispute negative thinking (Capture your inner critic)

* Learn and apply your strengths (redesign your life around your strengths)

"Positivity" Barbara L. Fredrickson

In life we can come up with so many reasons why we want do something but we need to fight every negative mental emotion so that we can fight for results. Are we afraid of the results and come up with reasons on why we want? Or are we not focusing on the reasons why not and fighting towards making sure we have the results from our faith.

What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he have faith but does not have works? James 2:14

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