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Five Steps to live by faith

How can the just live by faith? Why is it important to live by faith? What are the benefits of living by faith? There are seven steps that lead to a lifestyle that helps a believer or someone that want to be considered an achiever to be victorious in their daily task. First it is important to know that faith is necessary in changing behavior that are traits that is part of our behavior. Behaviorist states this about the challenges that come with change;

  • Readiness to change-Do you have the resources and knowledge to successfully make a lasting change?

  • Barriers to change- Is there anything preventing you from changing?

  • Expect relapse- What might trigger a return to a former behavior?

These are areas that make many afraid to even considering a change with behaviors that are frustrating and hinder us from reaching various goals. Statistics have proven that relapse still occur with the resources and the knowledge that many obtain for lasting change and that barriers are often harder to break through than many realize. Therefore, the reality of expecting a relapse is mentioned as behaviorist study how human behavior dictates our daily performance.

The difference with a person living by faith or operating in faith is confidence is placed on the source of the strategy and not the strategy. A spiritual behavior model for change is the five steps to living by faith. Ephesians 3

  1. Recognition that we cannot do it on our own

  2. Understand that we are justified (declared righteous ) which is changed

  3. Blessed with Abraham

  4. Fight the comfort zone by living in our change

  5. Just shall live by faith not by thinking we are going to relapse backwards

We are free from the law of relapse, so we can walk in our newness and do not have to live with the fear of relapse. Behaviorist mention that;

“ Resolutions fail when the proper preparation and actions are not taken."

Christ died that we might not have to fail over and over again but we have to have confidence on the process of the cross which brings us out of the mess. The mess is the relapse mentality when we step out on faith it’s not mythical but practical because we are making proper preparation through a mindset to take action towards changing.

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