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Mental Freedom: the journey that leads to freedom from fear

There is a path that leads down a road where freedom of fear is discovered. The fear that leads to the lack of success and not afraid to get out of mess journey. A lot of these blogs approach fear as if it's a bad thing. Yet, this can be looked at as the results that fear brings. If the result is one that can be reflected on as productive or adding to success then yes fear can be a positive emotion. However, fear often leads to poor judgement and rushed decisions which produce undesirable results. Fear causes one to think about being judged, defeated which ultimately leads to discouragement. This discouragement can lead to a sense of hopelessness. In Romans 8 there is an action plan that if followed it will lead to freedom from fear. Dianne Miller wrote a wonderful blog in regards to this and below you will discover an awesome action plan that will guarantee a liberty that is life changing.

In Romans 8 Paul also makes a Declaration of Freedom, spiritual freedom through the Holy Spirit. He also speaks of 4 freedoms that we who are believers are to enjoy now. Review last week chapter 7 struggle to live the Christian life - Romans 7:24 “Who will set me free?” Answer we saw in 8:2 “through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life set me free”. Holy Spirit frees us, gives us the power to really live for God.

I. Freedom from Judgment

Romans 8:1-4

II. Freedom from Defeat

Romans 8:5-17

III. Freedom from Discouragement Romans 8:18-30

IV. Freedom from Fear

Romans 8:31-39

I. Freedom from Judgment - Romans 8:1-4

A. Law cannot condemn us - Romans 8:1. One of Paul’s favorite expressions = “in Christ”, write this in all his epistles, it means we have a new position, new sphere of living.

B. Law cannot control us (Romans 8:2). “Free from that cycle of sin and death” Romans 7:25 because Jesus gave himself willingly as a “sin offering” requirements of the law are met.

Truth: In Christ Jesus we are eternally free from Judgment of our sins.

II. Freedom from Defeat - Romans 8:5-17

A. Power - Romans 8:5-13. Romans 7 dominated by words “I”, “my” “me”, struggle of our lives when we’re living out of our own power, hoping our self-determination will help us make good choices. That often ends up in defeat Romans 7:24 “what a wretched man I am”. By contrast, Romans 8 is characterized by the word “Spirit” 17 times - through power of the indwelling Holy Spirit that we have power to live the Christian life, not our own. That power is available to you when: 1. Holy Spirit controls your mind (Romans 8:5-9)

III. Freedom from Discouragement - Romans 8:18-30

Just as we get defeated when we feel like a failure, God knows we get discouraged when we don’t have Hope: when we don’t see purpose or meaning in our lives. What often opens the door to discouragement is pain and suffering. Paul says “look, I know you all are going to have pain and tough times, it’s part of living life on fallen planet earth, living life as a believer in a hostile world, but it’s going to be worth it all when we see Jesus.

Truth: What we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will give us later (Romans 8:18 Living Bible). Our problems now are real but they pale in comparison to what awaits us.

When we come into the presence of God we will experience such joy, such happiness that will far exceed these temporary troubles, “groanings”, yearnings we have now awaiting Christ’s return.

IV. Freedom from Fear - Romans 8:31-39

Seems that Paul is addressing something we all have probably thought of at one time or another. Fear that we may lose God’s love, that we may do something so awful, so bad that He will stop loving us. We’ve all grown up on fallen planet earth and most of us have felt the loss of love, by a parent, friend, child or a spouse. Wonder if they could stop loving me, could God do that too? Are we really secure in our relationship with God? Paul gives us 5 arguments that prove NOTHING can separate us from God.

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