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The room felt stuffy and lacked cheer and brightness, Ebony felt drab as her attitude instantly grew toward lack of interest. Although she knew the meeting would be an explanation of her options, she lacked the motivation to be engaged in any of the words that were coming out of her administration mouth. Ebony felt like she was in the Peanut movie where the teacher was talking and not making any sense. Just like a lightning bolt the words on the paper that were being read struck her into reality.

“Ms. Carter we are advising you of the right you have to resign. If you choose to resign your letter of resignation must be in before noon on Monday and…”

“Excuse me,” Ebony interrupted Mr. Butkais as the reality of not being let go by the district being on her professional record.

“So all I need to do is write a letter of resignation and this will show that I willing resigned and was not let go?”

“Yes, Ms. Carter we know it’s hard for you but…….”

“Mr. Butkais all due respect but you may carry on I just had that one question I don’t need to hear anything else but any other options that I might have so that I can successfully get through the rest of the school year. I will not be asked to leave today if I submitted my resignation, will I?

“No, your contract is up at the end of the school year. Are there any other questions?”

“No sir”, she said quickly signing the paper and leaving faster than she did when she arrived.

As she left the conference room she let out a breath that she felt she held since being in the meeting.Ebony walked through the hallway like she was in the twilight zone. Trying to comprehend being on a job until the contract was up was beginning to weigh on her mind. The entire experience felt surreal. Walking by students that were saying hi, and co-workers that were speaking felt so distant, it appeared as if she was on a island by herself. On this island she imagined herself looking over and seeing all the individuals that were speaking to her on a separate

The day was over and so was her job at the end of the year.


The day was over and so was her job at the end of the year. Decisions has to be made and making sure her anxiety does not affect her daily performance was becoming more and more of a challenge. Ebony was tired of having sleep problems. The restlessness and unsatisfying sleep she hoped would end after she left this miserable job. Sitting in her car the exhaustion crept in and arrested her entire body. Immediately all Ebony could think about was going home and taking the longest nap every with anticipation of resting into eternity.

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