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Finally (Added page for ?)

The day dragged by and Ebony did everything she could to keep her head up. The students worked without any problems and stayed focused on their assignments and this helped her clear her mind. She was undecided on what was going to happen in this meeting, because fear was telling her that this was it and she would have to pack her bags. Somewhere faith was informing her that she would end the year on a high note and allow her mustard seed faith produce big results.

Finally, the meeting came, and the day would not have had a stranger ending than her being called over the intercom to come to the meeting. Ebony went in faith and accepted her end to this horrible school year as the beginning of something greater. Once she entered the room she immediately noticed her union representative. Then she looked at Mr. Butkis with his glasses sliding down his nose. Mrs. Stuffing was sitting a few seats away from his all stuffed together in her chair. Ebony mind was determined to accept her fate as a champion. Emotions would not control her and fear would not drive her to the point of doing something she regrets.

She sat down with peace on her mind and allowed peace to drive her to listen to whatever they decided the outcome would be, but regardless a calmness settled in before anyone open their mouth up to speak.

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