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Refuse to quit

Challenges will come and there is a lot advice on how to handle challenges, but one theme that is familiar is not to quit. However, when the moment is difficult and the tears are flowing how do a person keep going? When real circumstances slap us in the face and we are showered with disgrace how do we stay in the race? The pain want go away and hard to even think about another day? When nothing is wrong we can all sing the happy song. Yet, what about when we are face with that thing we regret? What is the advice then and how do we get a refuse to quit mentality so we can win? Step number one don't give in to the desire to stop, push forward at all cost. Second find a scripture that will help you through the moment and say it over and over again as you refuse to let go of destiny. Third is open to suggestions from the reader. What are some suggestions that can be added to this blog.

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