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Who told us to be fearless?

Who told us to be fearless?

The comfort zone we are in causes fear but stepping out of that comfort zone develops faith. However we must be patient to get what is needed for our victory. Many fight for what they want instead of what’s needed to live in victory. The Lord will give us strength as we fight to be fearless. Yet, who told us to be fearless? When the situation is staring us in the face and we are so comfortable with our solutions we have relied on time and time again. As fear instructs us to use the same methods and be hesitant about fresh approaches. How can we find ourselves in a predicament for the Lord to find faith in us? At this point of the intensity with fear breathing down our spine where is the motivation of thinking about the Lord saying well done my good and faithful servant when we are tempted to be a servant to fear? If we are real with ourselves as we face a real situation how do we come up with the strength to even fight our fear?

All the research, methods, strategies and procedures is difficult to adhere to when it comes to dealing with being stuck and the desire to progress is a no and not a yes. Human logic with all its reasons will not be able to move us forward at this point. These are suggestions with advice that speaks to us in various unproductive cycles in our life, but how does the cycle not recycle into a process that will guarantee mess over and over again?

Spiritual development with a new mind is the only answer to a mind that is brainwashed by fear and enslaved with desires that fuel the flesh with all kind of reasons why unproductive behavior is okay.

“Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus:” Philippians 2:5

This mind will help us time and time again to get results that will cause us to become fearless to our desires. This new mind will not use logical thinking because it’s bound to use faith.

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