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Replace the challenges of the seen with the dream

The tears are flowing as disappointments are ongoing, as trials and tribulations tries to get me caught up in what I am doing. I refuse to quit and that’s just it. The struggle is real and so is my ideas, I might not be running but I am determined not to stop. Although the pain wants to get me to flop, I have to stay focused on the prize. I realize the battle is not given to the swift or the strong, so I try and not make my day a sad song. If I continue to believe I know I will receive because faith is not about what is seen because what I see always challenges me with my dream.

I declare I will stand and not fall; I will put on my walking shoes and do what God’s creative word tells me to do. I will not procrastinate or pause, because I agree there is a winner in me so I will press toward the victory. I’m determined to replace my greatest pains with faith and not fear of change, and train my mind to challenge the seen with the possibility of the dream.

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