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Inhale and exhale

As she left the conference room she let out a breath that she felt she held since being in the meeting.Ebony walked through the hallway like she was in the twilight zone. Trying to comprehend being on a job until the contract was up was beginning to weigh on her mind. The entire experience felt surreal. Walking by students that were saying hi, and co-workers that were speaking felt so distant, it appeared as if she was on a island by herself. On this island she imagined herself looking over and seeing all the individuals that were speaking to her on a separate


The day was over and so was her job at the end of the year. Decisions has to be made and making sure her anxiety does not affect her daily performance was becoming more and more of a challenge. Ebony was tired of having sleeping problems. The restlessness and unsatisfying sleep she hoped would end after she left this miserable job. Sitting in her car the exhaustion crept in and arrested her entire body. Immediately all Ebony could think about was going on and taking the longest nap every with anticipation of resting into eternity.


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