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Novel notes ( A continuation to a horrible cycle)

Moving but not aware of the direction yet in Ebony’s mind it was toward work. Devastated by the fact that life can be so cold. Horrified that facing what has caused the devastation is the destination that must be reached again and again. In her mind, she wondered if there was a win. Or was it just a sad cycle that must be repeated over and over again. Driving her car with tears in her eyes praying that in the day there would be some peaceful surprise, but knowing the ongoing drama that awaited her she was determined not to hold her breath on those few hopeful moments. The motivation videos, positive quotes, and her excelling students could not take away the pain she hid every day. The job she traveled to was like doing a chore that she was forced to do. She could not even begin to think when it had all started, she thought that the school she was in was a perfect match with her experience.

The years she had spent in social service and being a role model to disadvantaged kids. During those earlier years of her life when adventure and excitement were like a drug. Ebony went to some of the worst neighborhoods and deal with some of the worst people, but she felt like she was bringing light to darkness. Never in her worst nightmare would she believe that an administration was out to achieve an objective of making sure that the children don’t succeed. All of her life she has tried to assist with answers, but it became difficult when everybody did not have the same objective.

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